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【01. 投考政府工資訊目錄】
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Friday, December 4, 2015

新舊Programme code 對查

ANTH Anthropology   ANT Anthropology
CHLL Chinese lang. & Lit.   CHI Chinese lang. & Lit.
HSAN Cultural Heritage Studies      
CULS Cultural Studies   CRS Cultural & Religious Studies
ENGE English   ENG English
FAAS Fine Arts   FAA Fine Arts
FREN French   FRE French Studies
GERM German   GER German Studies
HIST History   HIS History
JACU Japanese Culture   JAS Japanese Studies
JAPL Japanese lang.      
JACL Japanese Culture and lang.      
JALL Japanese lang. and Linguistics      
JASP Japanese Studies      
LING Linguistics   LIN Linguistics
MUSC Music   MUS Music
PHIL Philosophy   PHI Philosophy
RELS Religious Studies   CRS Cultural & Religious Studies
SPAN Spanish   SPA Spanish Studies
THEO Theology   THE Theology
TRAN Translation   TRA Translation
PACY Accounting   ACY Accountancy
IBBA Integrated BBA Programme   BBA Integrated BBA Programme
BECO Business Economics      
ENTR Entreprenueurship      
FINA Finance   FIN Finance
HTMG Hotel and Tourism Management   HMG Hotel and Tourism Management
HRMG Human Resource Management      
IFAA Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis      
MGNT Management   MGT Management
MGIB Management of International Business   DSE Decision Sciences & Managerial Economics
MISX Management Information Systems      
MKTG Marketing   MKT Marketing
PACC Professional Accountancy Programme      
QFIN Quantitative Finance      
QMKT Quantitative Marketing      
SCLM Supply Chain and Logistics Management      
CLED Chinese lang. & Lit. and Chinese lang. Edu.   EDC Chin Lang & Lit. & Chin Lang Edu.
ELED English Studies and English lang. Edu.   EED English Studies & English lang. Edu.
EDUC Edu.   EDU Edu.
LEDC lang. Edu.   LED lang. Edu.
LSED Liberal Studies   LSE Liberal Studies
SPED Physical Edu. & Sports Science   PHE Physical Edu.
ACEG Automation and Computer-Aided Engineering   ACE Automation & Computer-Aided Engineering
BMEG Biomedical Engineering Programme      
CENG Computer Engineering   CEG Computer Engineering
CSCI Computer Science   CSC Computer Science
ELEG Electronic Engineering   ELE Electronic Engineering
EGMT Engineering Management   ERG Engineering
FNEG Financial Engineering      
IERG Information Engineering   IEG Information Engineering
MAEG Mechanical and Automation Engineering   MAE Mechanical & Automation Engineering
SEEM Systems Engineering & Engineering Management   SEG Systems Engineering & Engineering Management
MEDU MB ChB Programme   MED Medicine
NURS Nursing   NRS Nursing
NURSNC Nursing (non-credit-unit based programme)      
PHPC Public Health   PBH Public Health
PHAR Pharmacy   PHA Pharmacy
MEDS Intercalated Degree Programme in Medical Sciences      
MEDM Bachelor of Science (Medical Studies)      
BCHE Biochemistry   BCH Biochemistry
BCME Chinese Medicine   BCM Chinese Medicine
BIOL Biology   BIO Biology
CMBI Cell & Molecular Biology   CMB Cell & Molecular Biology
CHEM Chemistry   CHM Chemistry
ESSC Earth System Science   ESS Earth System Science
ENSC Environmental Science   ENS Environmental Science
FNSC Food and Nutritional Sciences   FNS Food & Nutritional Sciences
LSCI Life Sciences      
MATH Mathematics   MAT Mathematics
MATH_DD1 Mathematics and Information Engineering      
IERG_DD1 Mathematics and Information Engineering      
MBTE Molecular Biotechnology   MBT Molecular Biotechnology
PHYS Physics   PHY Physics
RMSC Risk Management Science   RMS Risk Management Science
STAT Statistics   STA Statistics
ARCH Architectural Studies   ARC Architectural Studies
ECON Economics   ECO Economics
GPAD Government & Public Administration   GPA Government & Public Administration
GRMD Geography & Resource Management   GRM Geography & Resource Management
GDRS Gender Studies   GRS Gender Studies
COMM Journalism & Communication   COM Communication
GLAW Law   LAW Law
PSYC Psychology   PSY Psychology
SOPY Social Policy      
SOWF Social Welfare      
SORH Social Research      
SOWK Social Work   SOC Sociology
SOCI Sociology   SWK Social Work
CHES Chinese Studies   CHE Chinese Studies
QFRM Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science      
JEED English Studies and English lang. Edu.   EED English Studies & English lang. Edu.
ASLF Arts/Social Science/Law Stream      
BUAF Business Stream      
ERGF Engineering Stream      
SCIF Science Stream