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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Freshman calendar 2018

This is a freshman calendar for international students. If you are a local, please visit our Chinese version : http://fm.cuhkinfo.com

My English is not good and please forgive my grammatical errors. :)

Ocamp registration
By 13 AUG (for Int’l Ss ocamp)
By 23 AUG (for college ocamp)
Catch your time to register if you want to join
International Student’s Ocamp
For International undergraduate students Only
*Date : 21-25/8/2018
*Fee: HKD $915 (to be paid together with the first instalment of the tuition fee in late Sep)

College Ocamp
For all undergraduates, including local and international students.
Freshmen of Morningside College, S.H. Ho College, C.W. Chu College and Lee Woo Sing College are required to join their College Orientation Camp.
S.H.HO COLLEGE26 / 8, 28 / 8 - 31 / 8
OTHER COLLEGES27 / 8 - 30 / 8
*Fee: HKD $815 (to be paid together with the first instalment of the tuition fee in late Sep)
*Application: https://cloud.itsc.cuhk.edu.hk/ocamp/register.aspx
*Remarks: Morningside College Orientation Camp is conducted in English. Orientation Camps of S.H. Ho College and C.W.Chu College will be conducted in Cantonese, Putonghua and English. Orientation Camps of other Colleges will be conducted in Cantonese, while assistance will be rendered by the corresponding group leaders and/or supporting team.

for Inauguration Ceremony for Undergraduates 2018
Catch your time to register if you want to join
The ceremony will be held on 3 Sept. The ceremony usually consists of several parts, including Vice-Chancellor‘s remarks, introduction of university management and some announcements. You may watch the video of it afterwards. Here is the video of 2016’s ceremony: https://goo.gl/w8aiB9

It is not compulsory.
Academic Counseling
10 AUG
Not compulsory, but you are strongly advised to join
You may know more about your academic path by joining this event.
There will be a general introduction of the department and you will know what are the major required, electives, just to name a few.

Knowing more, you can have a better understanding of what you are studying in the future. You may have a better planning in your course selection.

AM:Faculty of Arts, Education (except Early Childhood Education), Medicine (except Community Health Practice, Gerontology and Public Health) and Science
PM:Faculty of Business Administration, Education (Early Childhood Education), Engineering, Law, Medicine (Community Health Practice, Gerontology and Public Health), Social Science, the Programme of Contemporary China Studies, Global Economics and Finance (GLEFN) and Quantitative Finance & Risk Management Programme (QFRMN), and the Double Degree Programme of Bachelor of Business Administration (Integrated BBA Programme) and Juris Doctor (BBA-JD)

Vence: Sir Run Run Shaw Hall(For students who cannot understand Cantonese, they should go to Lecture Theatre 103 at Y.C. Liang Hall (adjacent to SRRSH) for the English version of the video.)

2018 information updated.
Buying PE uniform
10 AUG: 9am-5:30pm- ERB 8/F
20 AUG: 3pm-6pm YIA LT2
31 AUG: 9am-12nn University Sports Center
Catch your time to buy one
You are required to wear PE t-shirt when attending PE compulsory lessons.
T-shirt : $36
Shorts: $33 (you are not required to buy the shorts as you may wear shorts in dark colors instead)

If you do not get one in these 3 days, you need to go to the shop in Sham Shui Po to buy it.. (far away from CUHK)

Getting CU link card
23 AUG
If you are not available on that day, you may get it later.
Please visit Sir Shaw Run Run Hall according to the schedule: http://www5.cuhk.edu.hk/culink/images/stories/documents/ug_schedule.pdf

It takes around 24 hours for the activation of door access function and library loan service.

You may check your CU link password via https://cloud.itsc.cuhk.edu.hk/CULINK-PIN/Enquiry.aspx?lang=e

You may change your password in WMY 6/F, WMY 8/F and Pik Chau Lau 1/F.

If you do not take your CU link on 23/8, you may visit WMY 8/F later to take it.
Ocamp for international Students
Go if you have registered. Otherwise, please ignore.
Some of the meals are not included in the ocamp fee. So, remember to bring some money for the meals.
Course Registration
24 AUG
Very Important
New students admitted with Advanced Standing or admitted to Senior-year Places and those admitted to Medical Year 2 or above --- 10:00 am -10:00 pm
Other new students --- 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Our school was equipped with a most smart system called CUSIS. You will get your unique experience for pressing F5 (refreshing) and saying dirty words during the course registration period. So, you need to think of 2-3 alternative courses for replacement.
College ocamp
S.H.HO COLLEGE26 / 8, 28 / 8 - 31 / 8
OTHER COLLEGES27 / 8 - 30 /
Go if you have registered. Otherwise, please ignore.
Play hard J
Hostel Move-in
Go if you are assigned with a place in hostel. Otherwise, please ignore.
Unpacking and cleaning are energy consuming works. So, remember to eat more J
Term starts
Pay attention
In the morning, Inauguration Ceremony will be held. Go if you have registered. Lessons suspended until 1330.

Art Fest (?)
19-20 SEPT
See if you are interested
You can join clubs and organizations here and there are some other activities such as “Dem Beat competition” and “Meal with thousand people”, just to name a few.

Venue: The University Mall (the long long road outside the University Library)

Add drop period
E-add drop:10 September (Monday 8:30 p.m.) – 16 September (Sunday 8:30 p.m.)

Paper add drop: 17 September (Monday) – 21 September (Friday) during office hours
Must pay attention
In this period, you are allowed to change your mind to take or not to take some courses.
Add drop period consists of two parts: E add drop period and paper add drop period.
Usually, E add drop period will be on the second week of the term. You need to finish all add drops via CUSIS if you are able to.

Paper add drop period refers to the week after the E add drop. If you are not able to add/drop/swap yourselves in CUSIS (for example, course with add consent/drop consent/ seats are reserved for the designated students, but they do not add), you need to submit a written application (usually filling in the form) to the concerned department.

Please be reminded that all changes in your timetable should be done in this period. Changes are usually not allowed after this period. 
Paying school fee
You need to pay it on time. Otherwise there will be a $200 fine.
School fee includes tuition fee, hostel fee, ocamp fee, student union fee, etc.

You will receive a debit note in Mid-Sept.